“Boutique Blvd” in MarilandofStyle

De Janeiro clothing store

420 Lexington Ave.

Just think about this…… Traveling all over Manhattan, 34th st. 42nd st., or even Soho, you would’ve thought that you’ve found every shopping place there is to come upon. Every fashionista and shopaholic dream is to discover just ONE MORE secret location to shop while saving money. Though there are several in this lifetime, De Janeiro clothing boutique is one of those special dream places that will have you shopping every week. The small boutique is a chain of eight ladies “off-price” brand name clothing and shoe stores based in New York City and has been in business for over 30 years. De Janeiro’s goal is to continuously provide shoppers with the best values on seasonal merchandise and that’s what they have been accomplishing for years.

420 Lexington Ave. (Inside)

With 6 locations in Manhattan (Midtown: 420 Lexington ave., 56 W 45th st., 43 W 33rd st. /Downtown: 110 Church st., 75 Nassau st., 27 William st.), shoppers are pouring in and out of all locations with much excitement due to daily sales and fashionably affordable priced attire. With every stylish piece sold in the store, there is a bargain that comes along with it. Prices range from $3.99 for Cami t-shirts and graphic t-shirts to $49.99 for party and maxi dresses. Of course, the casual skinny jeans, shorts, pencil skirts and crop tops are on the menu for your fashion appetite and with sales going on everyday, De Janeiro receives all the traffic of every shopper passing along 33rd St. in Midtown Manhattan or Nassau St. in Downtown Manhattan. The boutique sells bargain brands such as Miss Avenue, Top 10 and Merona as well as top fashion brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Bebe and BCBG for the same bargain prices. Lets not forget bras, panties, swim wear and pajama sets also at extremely affordable prices. Here are 5 main reasons to shop at De Janeiro clothing boutique.


1. Quick fashion fix. If you spilled coffee on your blazer at the workplace or you spilled some ketchup on your white blouse at a friendly brunch, you may pass De Janeiro on the way home and find something truly amazing inside, probably something better than you wore that day.

photo 4
De Janeiro Sky Blue zipper shirt: $3.99

2. Never before seen fashion. Just passing the boutique catches your eye and lures you in to some of the most unique style of clothing and footwear you have never seen before.

Boots, Heels and Flats all sold at De Janeiro

3. Clothes for every occasion. Whether you need work clothes, evening wear, party dresses or something casual, De Janeiro will not disappoint and will always leave you satisfied with each experience.

photo 1
Top 10 Dresses (left and right) and Merona Blazer (middle): Prices ranging from $5.99 to $14.99

4. Fashionable. Of course in order to be a fashionista’s favorite, De Janeiro has to have some of the most fashionable stylish wear in the fashion world……and they certainly do.

Inside De Janeiro

5. Bargains. Everyone loves themselves a nice pair of expensive Louis Vuitton heels, a Givenchy dress and a Burberry plaid button up shirt. However, with these famous name brands comes loads of money. Everyone can’t afford such things. De Janeiro is a clothing boutique where all you need is about $100-$200 and you have yourself 2 pairs of heels, a couple of dresses and all the shirts you want, leaving not only you smiling but you pockets smiling as well.

Visuals at De Janeiro

De Janeiro has reviews from happy shoppers that are sure to get the store close to the top spot on the “NYC Best Shopping list”. Like De Janeiro stores on Facebook and start your shopping experience with them soon!

Visit denjy.com


-Befriend the Trend-

photo 5
Black lace shoes for only $27.99


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