StyleBeFriend: Back to School edition

Hey FashBeFrienders (LONG TIME NO SEE) πŸ™‚ ,

Befriending Fashion and TrendsΒ is something I will never stop doing because FASHION is my life. But I’ve decided to add something a little more meaningful to my slogan. Something that’s even MORE ME, even MORE Marilyn or should I say MARILAND. That is “StyleBeFriend“. FashBeFriend basically says “Befriend Fashion”. So its pretty obvious what StyleBeFriend will mean and that is “Befriend Styles”. I think really hard about styles and trends.Β BothΒ are something very different and unique to me. Style is what you do WITH Fashion and Trends is something popular that you follow or set IN theΒ Fashion world (this is my own definition). For example, a Trend can be “Fringe” or “Skinny Jeans” but what you do with Fringe items and Skinny Jeans is your own personal Style.


Back to School: Camouflage style

StyleBeFriend will basically showcase what I think is the popular style at the time such as Skinny Jeans and Crop tops or Maxi Dresses and Gladiator sandals. Using an App called Polyvore (Thank the Lord and Bless whomever invented this App), I created many different styles of my liking. Since were close to Fall season and school is right around the corner, I’ve decided to make a collection of styles based on college goers and what I think would be in this season.


Back to School edition ALL Week

Take a look at some of my “StyleBeFriend” collections.

Back to School: Herschel Bookbags
Back to School: Fall weather style

Befriend Fashion: Back to School style
Back to School: Preppy girl style
Back to School style: it's in our Jeans
Back to School: 50 Shades of Gray style
Back to School: All Black Fashion Attack

I hope you liked my style collections and if you want to check out more of my fashionΒ sets, follow Mariland on Polyvore

Good Day!


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