“Mariland” of Styles

Hey Fashbefrienders,

While taking pictures of my recent fashion choices, I’ve decided to make several visuals boards to display different Fashion alternatives. I became inspired to put together some of my old and updated styles and show how you guys can use combination to bring out certain styles like I do. Befriend Trends like I do. Become a “Befriendinista” like me (I just made that word up).

Come Stroll down Style St. in Mariland and take a look at how “iBefriendfashionDaily“.

MarilandofStyle #1. Sporty


This look is more calm, sporty and classic. A grey T-Shirt, Army green pants from Old Navy and Running Sneakers from Adidas was included to create this look.


MarilandofStyle #2. Classy


Though I couldn’t find the exact colors, I created a style board that came close to my personal style. This look is more classy and sophisticated. A fedora hat, a floral dress, a ruffle detailed blazer from Victoria’s Secret and a pair of royal blue pumps from Aldo was included to create this look.


MarilandofStyle #3. Edgy


This look is unusually thrown together but it works for me. The colors go together and it’s somewhat different but very fashionable, edgy and urban. A red turban and pencil skirt, a grey turtle neck crop top, a lengthy ivory sweater from a local thrift store and pair of brown ankle boots from Victoria’s Secret was included to create this look.


MarilandofStyle #4. Sweet


A perfect shopping and lunch outfit is the best explanation for this attire. I would honestly describe this outfit as being the most comfortable but sweet and delicate with a sense of innocence all put together. A navy blue and white polka dot head scarf, a dark sea green maxi dress from H&M, army fatigue print sneakers from converse and a jean button up shirt was included to create this look.


MarilandofStyle #5. Sexy

PhotoGrid_1442669813062Married 2 Fashion” is the phrase I always use to describe an All White Ensemble. This is one of those looks for a night on the town or in the city of New York. This outfit is sensual, sexy and fitted to the curve of the perfect silhouette. A white cropped bustier from H&M, a white lace knee length skirt from Necessary clothing boutique in Soho and a pair of pink Valentino inspired pumps from BCBGeneration was included to create this look.


MarilandofStyle #6. Lady-Like


The “London Look” is what I say to describe this style. On this day, someone told me I look like I’m in London and from that day on the phrase stuck with me. This is a mature, lady-like London look. A burgundy light jacket and skinny pants, a brown hooded sweater from Adidas and a pair of beige wedged boots from Aldo was included to create this look.

MarilandofStyle # 7. Simplicity


The perfect DIY BBQ outfit. That’s exactly where I was, at a BBQ. This shirt with the split was actually a dress and the high waist shorts was skinny jeans. The whole outfit was something totally different and unique but so simple and ordinary. A fedora hat, H&M jeans, a blue and white striped shirt from Alloy online store and white mini wedged skippies from Converse was included to create this look.

MarilandofStyle #8. Sleek Elegance


The way you feel and carry yourself in an outfit also shows your style of manners and morals. This look says that and more! Going out for a drink or two can be just something to do after work but for a night, you have to look the part. This sleek elegant style also shows grace in appearance and behavior. A bright plum colored silk button up, a floral bustier from H&M, a floral skirt from Mandy’s boutique and a pair of beige heel boots from JC Penny was included to create this look.

There you have it! 8 different style choices with several different items including purses and accessories to finish off MarilandofStyle.

Befriend the Trend that keeps on Trending!




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