Mariland of Colors: Yellow

Take a Stroll down Color Scheme Rd. and quickly acknowledge that YELLOW always demands attention. However, not many people like the bright “cry-out for attention” color.

Studies say that only “7% of the American population” favor yellow. The color consists of a gold ripe lemon look that represents ambivalence and contradiction. According to surveys, Yellow often associates with amusement and optimism. But, can also be affiliated with Envy, Jealousy and Duplicity. (Personally, I’m apart of the 12% of Americans who favor the color RED.) Nevertheless, I look at the color as simply the Color of Summer, a color that’s rich in style & fashion taste. You could see how Yellow can quickly change from a summer color into a fall color just by your shade of preference.

As Summer takes it’s leave of absence, take a look below at how Yellow “the attention-getting color” brightens up an ensemble.

Because yellow comes in many different shades including Mustard, Gold, Amber and Apricot, it can be worn without demanding the attention that comes with it. In spite of the fact that it draws attention and may represent different things (positive & negative), if it’s worn right, the attention will be worthwhile.

“Befriend the Trend that Keeps on Trending”


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