Mariland of “Styles”: Pt.2

Hey Fashionistas and Fashionist,

I really enjoyed writing the last post about my many different styles so much that it inspired me to do more like it. This is part two of my “Land of Styles” created using no other than Polyvore, which I absolutely love. Instead of just describing the look, I will also include where I was and what I was doing. This will give aspiring Fashionistas and Fashionist ideas on what to wear, where to wear it and where to find something similar. Some of the pictures are old and some are up-to-date but my style is eternal and ever lasting.

Take a Stroll down Mari Lane in Mariland and take a look at how “iBefriend Fashion Daily“.

MarilandofStyle #1. All White Affair


I attended an all white affair in the heart of Brooklyn wearing a white cocktail dress and a pair of black lace up shoes, both from a boutique in the city called De Janeiro. I also wore an African inspired necklace from a mini mall in Brooklyn and a black sequins clutch from Necessary clothing in Soho. Finishing off the look, I applied two buns in my kinky twist for a style twist.


MarilandofStyle #2. Shopping inStyle


A friend and I used up a sunny Sunday to shop our lives away in our favorite area, Soho. I wore an olive green and black leather sleeved jacket which is belted purchased from a boutique called Necessary clothing in Soho, a black leather bag from H&M, a pair of olive green pants from a boutique in Bay Ridge called Flavour and a pair of classic black and yellow Air Jordan. Finishing off this look, I wore my hair in a pixie cut, short and sleek.


MarilandofStyle #3. School Baby Blues


On my way to school, I took a quick flick in a baby blue sweater purchased from a thrift store in Brooklyn, a pair of jeans (yes, those are homemade rips) purchased from Q Collection boutique in Brooklyn, Mint green converse sneakers purchased from DSW in Atlantic mall and a gold watch from ALDO accessories. Finishing off the look, I styled my jumbo box braids in a unique ponytail with a slight hump in the front.


MarilandofStyle #4. Stripes and Loafers


On another day of school, I paired a striped blazer from Flavour boutique in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, a basic black blouse, blue Levi jeans and black and white loafers from H&M. Finishing off this look, I wore a fedora hat from the online store Alloy (bad hair day).

MarilandofStyle #5. Summer Styling


On a summer day out with some friends, we decided to dress to impress ourselves. I paired a black top from Q Collection boutique in Brooklyn with a pair of pants turned shorts and a black and white clutch from Necessary clothing in Soho, along with a black and sheer pair of sandals from Forever21 in Manhattan. Finishing off the look, I curled my hair adding body to the sleek extensions and accessorized with a pair of stylish glasses and hoop earrings both which can be purchased at any side boutique in the city.

MarilandofStyle #6. Easy Breezy Beautiful fashion


Hanging out with my boyfriend, I paired a grey dress turned romper from the online store Alloy,  a pair of black lace up sandals from Rainbows and a tan satchel from ALDO shoes and accessories. Finishing off this look, I wore this fedora hat from the online store Alloy to hide my bad hair day fiasco and a pair of sunglasses from Old Navy.

MarilandofStyle #7. Fashion Night Out


During a fun night out with family and friends, I paired a green shirt dress from a local thrift store with an olive green dress from Mandees clothing in Atlantic mall (I also have in  orange). With that, I wore a pair of Timberland heeled boots and a leopard clutch/purse from Victoria’s Secret which has a pink fur ball accessory from H&M. Finishing off the look, I slicked my hair back into a bun and set it with a gold headband from Old Navy. (Same watch from ALDO)

MarilandofStyle #8. New Year, New Style, More Class


To bring in the New Year at my family house , I wore mostly H&M. Burgundy turtleneck dress and burgundy/black booties are both from the Sweden based store. However, leg warmers, watch and necklace are from ALDO accessories and the earring piece is from a local Brooklyn vendor. Finishing off the look, I styled my hair in a sleek short cut with a swooped over the forehead to create a classy look.

MarilandofStyle #9. Interview Navy Blues


For a  job interview, I ditched the basic interview outfit and went for something more stylish and eccentric. Not black and white but navy and white. I paired a navy blue blazer from Target (I have sewn the middle together to make a blazer type shirt) and a white silk shirt from Necessary clothing with a stylish collar, a pair of navy slacks from Daffys clothing (business closed) and dark burgundy loafers from H&M. This is the same watch from ALDO that I love. Finishing off the look, I slicked my hair back and wore some studded earrings also from ALDO accessories.

MarilandofStyle #10. Black Love style


On New Years eve, I spent the beautiful night with my love and we both “Fashed out”! Recall back to MarilandofStyle #8, New Year, New Style, more Class and you’ll see what I wore. But my boyfriend wore a jean shirt and pants from Levi, a pair of Air Nike dunks, Cartier glasses and a gold Rolex. Finishing off his look, he pinned back his dreadlocks and combed down his manly facial hair.

MarilandofStyle #11. American Flag edition


On my way to school, I paired some red, grey and white Adidas, a pair of red jean pants from VIMs and a red, white and blue polka dot graphic T-Shirt from the online store Alloy. To finish off the sporty look, I pushed my jumbo braids back into a pony tail.

MarilandofStyle #12. Fresh and New


On my way out to lunch, I wore a blue and white sweater from a local thrift store, a blue and white bomber from Old Navy, some Levi jeans, ALDO boots and watch. Finishing off the look, I styled my hair in a pony tail and left the back hanging for some length.

Men’s style and fashion is very different from women. We like to mix and match, add accessories and style our hair to match our outfits. But all men need is a watch or a chain and their outfits are ready to be seen. Take a look below.

MarilandofStyle: Men’s edition #1. Simply comfortable


This look is really laid back and calm. Something worn to hang out with friends, be comfortable and look stylish at the same time.


MarilandofStyle: Men’s Edition #2. All Black Classic Man


For a classy night out with the guys, here is a tip for being simple but stylish. Wear all black with a hint of gold. Maybe a gold watch and a gold chain or even a ring or two. Also, finish off your look with a well tailored blazer to match.

More sets are coming soon with descriptions of “What 2 Wear & Where 2 Wear”! I hope you know where your going in order to know what your buying.

Look up more of my style visually on Polyvore and see how “iBefriend Fashion Daily”!


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