DIY Confessions

Hey Fashbefrienders,

I love taking nothing and making it into something. Sort of likeΒ making your favorite jacket into a vest once it’s out of style and you’ve out grown it. I would use my sewing skills (the little that I know of) and “Do it Myself”! These kind of DIY projects allow me to take my personal sense of style and input it into an article of clothing that everybody may have once had. That, my Fashbefrienders, makes the jacket, or whatever you’re transforming, into something different and fashionable.

Speaking of making nothing into something different and fashionable, I purchased a baby blue mini Long champ Le Pliage bag online (cost: $95+tax & shipping/handling) and I had it for so long that after a while it started to get dirty. Because it’s baby blue, you can see the stains and it didn’t look good at all. So what I decided to do was freestyle and draw something similar to a garden. Here’s the ending result of the “Garden of Mariland”! πŸ˜‰

PhotoGrid_1462804509692 (1)

I took pictures of the bag before but my phone broke and I lost the pictures but the bag had oil stains that would’ve cost me an arm and a leg to get out by a professional but what I did to hide the stains was creative and FREE!

All I needed was:

  • A permanent sharpie market (different colors)
  • Yellow, orange, blue, pink, purple highlighters (colors of a garden)
  • A green Sharpie ultra fineΒ point permanent marker
  • A pen (black, blue and red)

and an IDEA!

The materials that I used was things that I already had at home. If you have a bag that is stained and you don’t have the money to get the stains out by a professional, do what I did and make nothing into something again. “Do it Yourself”!

“Befriend the Trend”


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