A Designer’s Journey

Hey BFF’s (Best Fashionista Forever) ūüėČ

For a long time I struggled with what I wanted to do in life and I always resulted to Fashion. I want to do anything that involves working in the fashion industry. I want to be a fashion journalist, stylist, personal shopper, blogger and a designer. But now that I have a sewing machine and a bunch of ideas roaming around in my head, I want to be so much more than these professions.

I started sewing back in Dec 2014 when I first received my sewing machine as a Christmas present.


I feel in love and once I learned how to use it (and I’m still learning) I couldn’t stop. Though I took a brief break, I’m back at it full throttle. Starting with small DIY Projects¬†like turning dresses into two pieces and sweaters into sweater bomber¬†jackets, I’m embarking on a journey to learn more about sewing, designing and sketching.

I had to set up two small works stations in my room to get me in the designing mood.¬†The space is¬†small so it’s going to be tough to maneuver but determination will get me through. One station is where I keep my sewing supplies like scissors, fabrics, pins, measuring tape, etc. The other station is where I do my cutting, measuring and sewing.

This is tough to do and requires lots of hard work.¬†So far,¬†I’ve¬†tried to make a cropped vest and a pencil skirt but it didn’t come out well. The vest is two sizes¬†too small and the pencil skirt is a size too big around the waist. From those mistakes, I learned that measurements are very important to get the right fitting for a garment. Another thing I learned is that I did a lot of things right. I know how to sew well and I also installed an invisible zipper well for my first try on my pencil skirt. I didn’t make the sweater bomber but I’m pretty sure when I do,¬†it’ll come out great for my first try.

Below is a rough draft of both my pencil skirt and vest.

The striped fabric on the sides are made from 100% acrylic and the middle navy blue fabric is cotton and spandex. Because the middle material includes spandex,¬†the fabric could have been measured smaller to fit my body right but I didn’t know.¬†For the zipper,¬†I searched YouTube on How to sew an invisible zipper and it came out pretty good. What’s left to do is altering the waist and closing up any stitches for a finish look.


Now this vest is basically finished all I need to do is sew the front half on. The problem is it fits to small but I could wear it as a mini vest with a simple black dress or an all black outfit.

Stay tuned for the finish looks including the bomber and updates on my mini collection

Befriend the Trend & “Do it Yourself”!



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