Friendship & Individuality


Being an individual is very important to me , but so is having a friendship. Lately, I have been struggling with both friendship & individuality because I love my alone time and my friends love hanging out with me. For some reason, I have been isolating myself, not on purpose it’s just second nature.


I’m at the point in my life where I need to get myself organized so that when I do hangout with my friends or certain people, I can be secure, I can have a clear state of mind and a strong personality.


I have been through a lot with friends and it scares me to think that eventually, one day, I won’t have any at all. “Best Friends” is a very strong word and I use that term wisely and not loosely. I called so many people my best friend and each one of them stabbed me in the back but in different ways. Now I’m down to a few. But those few are the ones that God intended for me to have in my life and I won’t complain.


I think that it’s very important to be an individual because just like a relationship, you could loose yourself in a friendship too. You might go down the wrong path with a certain group of friends and that is where peer pressure comes in to play. You have to have that security and that strong personality to tell yourself “no, I don’t want to go to down the wrong path because with the friends that I have, I will” or “I need to find new friends”.

But, to me, there is a such thing as positive peer pressure. It’s called motivation. For example, instead of having friends that may encourage you to do negative things, you may have friends that encourage you to do positive things. First, if your friends encourage you to do bad things, they’re not your friends to begin with. Second, if they encourage you to do good, you know what kind of intentions they have for you and that is what can make you feel secure in a friendship. I have that! I might not have lots of friends but the ones I do have always encourage me positively, whether its with advice or with tough love.

What I’m trying to say with this post is always be an individual and have your own mind but also show your true friends that God intended for you to be in their lives and vice versa.  But how would you know if they’re your true friends or not? Pay attention, ask God for the wisdom to put aside how many years y’all been friends and look at what is really going on between y’all. Do you guys always hangout and not get any work done in your personal life? Do you find yourself getting in all sorts of problems when you guys are together? or Do you talk positively to and about each other and lift each other up? Think about how “Friendship & Individuality” plays a part in your life and how to make sure your in a positive or a negative surrounding because it can really effect the outcome of your life.

Befriend True people. That’s a Trend too!

Love, Marilyn


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