Befriend Fashion Terms

Hey Fashbefrienders, 

Long time, no see! I’m working on so many projects right now and trying to organize each one. From sketching to blogging, this year is going to be an active one but quite productive. And speaking of this year, Happy New Year Fashionistas. Hope the year is filled with many blessings and more. Let’s get back to the fashion shall we. Since I haven’t blogged in a while, I’ve decided to post something to start out the new year with some knowledge about Fashbefriend. Future posts will have these terms and more! 

FashbeFriend: the combination of Fashion, style and friendship

FashbeFixed: quick fashion tips referring to one piece of clothing or accessories that can change and entire outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. (Note: with different color schemes can change the appearance of the outfit.) 

FashInspired: referring to inspirational fashion stories  or a fashionista who inspires

MASE of Style: a look at a mother and son’s edition of style

FADE of Fashion: a look at a father and daughter’s edition of fashion

MADE of Style: a look at a mother and daughter’s edition of style

FASE of Fashion: a look at a father and son’s edition of fashion

BefriendtheTrend: Befriend and follow Fashbefriends latest fashion and style trends

Fashion of Friendships: how to maintain a best friendship and how go keep it going strong

Marilandofstyle: a place where Fashion, style and trends are the focus

Befriend Fashion Forever (BFF): statement simply saying Fashion will be my “Best Friend Forever”

FashbeClass: a little history about Fashion and the industry 

Versatylish: the versatility of fashion, style and photography

More terms coming soon! 

Copyrights©2017 FashbeFriend™/MarilandofStyle™


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