FB FOAT: a Legend

  What comes along with Fashbefriend & MarilandofStyle are many different ideas, concepts and expressions revolving around fashion and friendship including FB FOAT. FB FOAT is an acronym for Fashion Best Friends of all Time. When it comes to fashion, style and individuality, many people inspire me; not all people but fearlessly fierce people. FB FOAT is a dedication to ALL of the Fashionistas who fills me with inspiration. I … Continue reading FB FOAT: a Legend

FashBeFriend’s Last Thing Styling

Last Thing Styling refers to the very last thing that I have done when it comes to friendship, fashion, style and beyond. To begin, I’m going to be showing 30 different Trends, Purchases and Fashion brands that I have befriended throughout the last couple months. This gives me a chance to document my purchasing and organize my closet at the same time. Because my purchases … Continue reading FashBeFriend’s Last Thing Styling

Mariland of “Styles”: Pt.2

Hey Fashionistas and Fashionist, I really enjoyed writing the last post about my many different styles so much that it inspired me to do more like it. This is part two of my “Land of Styles” created using no other than Polyvore, which I absolutely love. Instead of just describing the look, I will also include where I was and what I was doing. This will give aspiring … Continue reading Mariland of “Styles”: Pt.2

Mariland of Beauty

Hey Fashbefrienders, To start the year off fresh and new, I’ve added a beauty segment preferably make-up and skin care products: some that I favor and some that are trending. To begin, I organized my make-up suitcase before the New Year came in which includes high-end Chanel eye shadow and drugstore make-up like NYX Matte Lip Stick and Cover Girl foundation.     Here are my top make-up … Continue reading Mariland of Beauty

Mariland of Colors: Yellow

Take a Stroll down Color Scheme Rd. and quickly acknowledge that YELLOW always demands attention. However, not many people like the bright “cry-out for attention” color. Studies say that only “7% of the American population” favor yellow. The color consists of a gold ripe lemon look that represents ambivalence and contradiction. According to surveys, Yellow often associates with amusement and optimism. But, can also be affiliated with Envy, Jealousy and … Continue reading Mariland of Colors: Yellow